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… The next generation of directors, producers, editors, designers, creatives, and technologists, advising you on all aspects of your business, from the first pitch to the final deliverable, helping you to grow your business responsibly, lay a strong foundation for sustainable growth, and routinely punch above your weight.

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Drew Baldwin, a creative professional with over a decade’s worth of experience in the production and post-production business in New York, founded Part & Parcel in January of 2016 when he noticed a glut of young, talented filmmakers in New York making incredible content for small brands, who were ready and willing to work with agencies

and their larger clients, but weren’t sure exactly where to start. Since that moment, it’s become our mission to help filmmakers navigate the road ahead, guiding them on all aspects of their business to be buttoned up, grow responsibly, and always strive to punch above their weight.

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Drew Baldwin, Founder

A consummate professional with over a decade of practical, hands-on production and sales experience working with top agencies on everything from shoestring to multimillion-dollar budgets.

An acute ability to read a room has enabled Drew to anticipate needs and act accordingly, with a proven record of consistently delivering results and surpassing expectations.

“Plain and simply, Voyager would not be where we are today without Drew’s strategic advice and good counsel. At every turn he’s helped us grow our business responsibly while navigating the ins and outs of the commercial world and staying one step ahead of potential pitfalls. Whether it’s developing a road map to our goals and updating it as new developments occur, serving as our chief sounding board for new ideas and tactics, or fleshing out unique ways to position our company and its offerings, Drew approaches every aspect of the work we do together with great prudence and overwhelming dedication. In him we’ve found not only an invaluable consultant but also one of our greatest champions; I can’t imagine doing this without him.”

- Andrew Hutcheson, Executive Producer of Voyager

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